Metal Masters has been featured in the March edition of NJ Monthly Magazine.

Cover article's cover photo features James Sherron with top sales associate Zeena looking on.



Emeralite Banker's Desk Lamp

A very collectable piece, circa 1920

This lamp has been in our collection for decades, but the restoration always seemed too daunting - as it necessitated elaborate repairs. Alas, a Emeralite can't go ignored forever.

These Emeralite lamps seem to always generate market interest though, perhaps there is something that never goes out of style about a warm emerald green banker's lamp by which to ponder your calculations by.


This craft horse sculpture was broken in several pieces.

We made several repairs, copper plated, and added some warmth to the aestetic with a Tiffany'esque patina.


Plum & Atwood Harvard Double Oil Lamp

Circa 1880

Fully restored to 'as original' condition

Original Glass


Large Industrial Lights with Original Pearlescent Glass

Restored and Rewired




Antique (circa 1900) Gorham MFG CO - Large Bronze Eagle Lectern

Fully restored to 'as orginal' finish. 


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Some things never change - or change very little.

From the 1920's till present day - when it comes to metal polishing and plating the craft / art is still very much the same. Quality means work thats hot, loud, dirty, and dangerous with painstaking attention to detail... and there is no short cut magic spray or dip way to do it.

Metal finishers are a rare breed, and it's not a glamorous life... but there is a certain satisfaction that comes from true, pure, and direct work.




A few very nice nautical antiques - fully disassembled and restored to 'as orginal' condition... a worthy celebration of fine American craftsmanship history.