It's always nice when customers stop in with finished projects... 


This circa mid-1700's antique telescope is truly a rare and highly collectable item of interest.

At the time this was made the process of making glass was still far from perfected, and creating 6 pieces of perfectly nesting concave glass would have been a considerable feat. Let alone the craftmanship in fabricating the solid brass housing. Making this telescope a valuable item even in it's day. 

We fully dissassembled, refinished the brass, cleaned the 6 interior glass pieces, stripped and refinished the wooden tripod legs, calibrated and reassembled.

The telescope's vision is crystal clear and fully functional, a very nice piece.





We refinished and ceramic coated the solid brass panels on this high design pool table.

Made from a quality alloy brass, the work put into acheiving a even mirror luster was well worth it in the end.


Fully restored 'Welsbach' Boulevard Street Light - a historically signifigant original gas lamp, circa 1900. 


Antique Bugatti Roadster Wheels - amongst the worlds most rare and valuable cars. The customer's request was for a 'period' authentic finish, a luster that would've been appropriate for the time. 



'Oil Rubbed Bronze' custom table-top finish.

All the brass nails were removed by hand, bronze sheets re-finished, and re-hammered back in, as orginal... or even better.

This is the customer's 'family table' - so we clear ceramic coated it for the ultimate durable finish.



1950's Cigerette Machine, restored inside and out.